Sunday, 14 August 2011

Top 5 Underwater Rugby Videos

1. Orcas (Medellin, Columbia) 

Undeniably the coolest underwater rugby video out there with oozles of attitude and funk. Those Columbians really know how to spice things up, take it to the next level, sexify...

2. Auckland, New Zealand

This one from our Kiwi bros has much more of a 'beached az' feel, combining underwater rugby with aquamarine chill-out music. Watching this will make you realise how very graceful this sport can actually be.

3. Betta Club (Moscow, Russia)

Betta Club has created an All Stars team which does for UWR what the Harlem Globetrotters did for basketball. Ever wished UWR was more like the NBA? Watch this!

4. Öcher Otter (Aachen, Germany) 

Short, punchy and to the point. Very German! Great promo video with clips from most aspects of gameplay.

5. 'Speedy'

The Roadrunner Offensive. Warning, extremely catchy tune!

5.1  Anyone can play

Too soon?


  1. Check out Russian style video. I think its best of all.

  2. May I suggest even this old video from Firenze Cup?