Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fun World Championship Party Ideas

1. The Finnish have a legendary reputation for heavy drinking. They are also known to shun small talk. In fact, when you say "Cheers" to them the likely response will be "Are we here to talk or are we here to drink."So in honour of their determined spirit, fun party idea number one is a SILENT DRINKING GAME. Tune in to the WC live feed and throw back a stiff drink for every goal. Kippis!

2. If you think the UWR World Championships is better than the Melbourne Cup (some famous Australian horse race), which it is, then you need to hold an UNDERWATER RUGBY SWEEPSTAKES. *All credit to Laura Whitehouse for this gem of an idea

Write down the names of every participating country on a separate small piece of paper, put them all into a hat. Everyone pays the same amount of money and draws a piece of paper from the hat. Decide how you're going to split the money (winner takes all, winner gets 70% and second gets 30%, etc.). Sit back and wait for the grand final!

3. The other thing about Finns is that they are Finnatical about saunas! Which brings us to our last fun party idea... NAKED SAUNA PARTY!

Yes you really have to be naked, otherwise it's like using chopsticks with two hands or drinking beer with a straw. Also, as awesome as it would be to mix sauna with drinking games, it's really not advised unless you have a waterproof defibulator handy...

Got any other suggestions?

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