Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Finland 2011

5 days, 51 games of UWR all on live video streaming... Welcome to the UWR World Championships!

Day One brought some nail biting matches, as well as a few turkey shoots with South Africa coming off second best to Austria 50-nil. Nonetheless, hats off to them for getting themselves in the World Championships despite having only just played their first game on the 5th October last year! You can check out the SA website here. For full results of Day One matches, go here.

Here is the link to the live streaming, straight from Helsinki with love and moomins. The first match tomorrow starts at 9am Helsinki time (that's 4pm in Sydney, Australia) and there are matches starting every hour all the way up till 7pm Finnish time (2am in Sydney).

It seems like Davrell Tien is the official correspondent providing match-by-match analysis for us. Here's a great account of the Women's match between old time rivals Sweden and Norway. You can find tons of updates on the competition's official Facebook page
Or if you are more TWITTER inclined, then look up #uwrwc11
Alright, I think that about covers the basics!

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